Fasco Autogates

About Us

Fasco Autogates Company, which is one of the pioneer in the field of automatic entrances. Enters in the market gates and all types of doors automation. We produce automatic sliding gates, swing gates, automatic barriers, automatic sectional and flexible doors and automation for sliding glass doors. These automatic gates can be installed at commercial, residential and industrial sectors.


The company mission and strong suit coincide for FASCO autogates being automated entrance speciasts. Specialization implies a concentration of efforts on this specific sector to achieve the best possible of process mater and product. Our experience is recognized at market top level.

Style: Functionality is the essential and necessary feature to penetrate the market. Price-effectiveness is the prerequisite f remaining in it. FASCO autogates high quality standard have allowed the company to qualify for quality management systems certifications, in compliance with ISO 9001-2000 standard.

But FASCO autogates means more than that it means the company is determined to achieve excellence, because the company philosophy gives superior quality a strategic value this is the keystone which guarantees customers satisfaction and in case any phase of our work.


We believe that diffusion of technology, which the choice of our brand name refers to, is not only a project for co expansion but also a project with social implications, aimed at a consistent improvement of people comfort in public private buildings.


Research is FASCO autogates commitment. A considerable amount of resources is regularly allotted to research to continue devising winning solutions in terms of functionality, safety, energonomics and design. These are original advances solutions as the international scope of patents registered by the company every year demonstrates. Being specialists also means coming first.


FASCO autogates takes great pride in its after sale customer service. In addition to technical service division at its office. Company offers an extended net work of local service units all over the country also thanks to its agents and specialists, the FASCO autogates experts.

The Dream:

The door which opens without being touched is both a promise and evidence of Progress.