Fasco Autogates


4.The Characteristic for the material :   
We believe : good quality is root in perfect material . To our motor we use : 
A.6 pole winding in stator coil   
B.high-magnetic of silicon steel sheets   
C. High transmission of red copper varnished wire winding . 
D. Silver contact in the contactor .   
E. Secondary oblique gear transmission in the reduction gear-box ,It will be upgrade the
 operate stability , noise ,work temperate , electric wastage ,dependability and work life
5.The Characteristic for the roller shutter door motor:
A: double limit switch : When one limit problem , the other limit can be cut off the power, 
more safety .     
B:Gear chain break proof :could lock chain wheel to prevent the door slipping when the 
chain split unexpected.    
C: Reduction gear box :With the gear wheel transmission , advanced design ,operate
stable, bigger moment , lower noise , can be use 20.000times
D:The Characteristic for contorl part :Using the long life contactor , with the advantage like :
energy saving, no quiver in the contact , no leakage magnetic, no temperature rise , no 
noise , no need maintain , suitable for operate frequency , can be use more than 100,000
times .Besides with the lightning protection ,won't damage the contactor when thunder.
E:The cover with the high intensity plastic and advanced spray-paint craftwork , stand
erode, stand high temperature and moistureproof .  



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