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Crazy Fitness Machine

Crazy Fitness Machine


Just spent 10 minutes a day and become smart (First Time in Pakistan)

Don't waste any more time driving to the gym or health club or waiting for your turn to use the equipment. With this compact unit, all you have to do is find ten spare minutes a few times a week to reach optimal results. The Crazy fitness machine was designed to provide all of the benefits of exercise without any of the constraints. Conventional exercise can cause stress to joints, ligaments, and tendons, and risk of injury. There are measurable results from just a few minutes per session, with little or no exertion required. Many groups of muscles can be addressed with just minimal adjustment in posture and body positioning.

Whole Body Vibration is a fascinating new technology, and is being used by celebrities and athletes the world over. From hard bodies like Madonna and Gwen Stefani, to champion Lance Armstrong, vibration exercise is the choice among the fittest today. Many professional Sports teams now use Whole Body Vibration in their training.

Whole Body Vibration demonstrates a new revolution in rehabilitation and physical therapy by mechanically stimulating your muscles at a specific frequency. The vibrations are generated on a standing platform that are transferred to the user's body. The muscles automatically react to the vibration by contracting in a reflex. This contraction stimulates blood circulation and stretches both tendons and ligaments.

In USA & Europe Price is 2300 USD PK RS more than 200,000 thousands) but our Introducing Price RS-49999


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