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Solar Power Fence

Solar Power Fence
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We are engaged in offering solar power fence that enhance your security system. As soon as a person will try to intrude the area the system of the fence gets activated and gives a sharp shock that creates psychological fear. We provide our fences with backup facility that facilitates the smooth operation of fences during the night and cloudy days as well. These are not fatal or harmful as these system works only on solar power DC.

The whole system can be divided into two segments that includes central control unit or solar power generating & solar pak magnum 12 units and the second one the fence.

These segments are specified below:

Central control unit

  • Solar photo voltaic module helps in converting the sunshine into electrical energy and sends them to the unit through a backup battery
  • The Solar pak magnum 12 unit takes 12v D.C as input and energies the same into 7000 to 8000volts in pulses
  • These pulses travel seconds


  • The fencing part is a scientific type of layout in which multi stands at 4/6 inches gap will run through the insulators
  • Insulators are pre welded and pre fabricated to 105 inch to 2 inch poles
  • The height of the fence above the ground / compound wall will be as per the requirement of the site conditions
  • The poles are arranged at 10 feet gaps with perfect supporting to the corner poles
  • Proper earthling in the mode of super earth kits (composite mixture of different minerals) helps the fence to have a perfect earthling system .This is because, fences require good earthing for effective working
  • There is provision for restricting the intrusion through the gate as well as over the gate

The spring loaded barricades arranged to the gate will electrify the gate and activate the alarm when some body tries to open the gate forcibly and the pulses travels through the springs arranged to the gate and give the shock to the trespassers.


  • Reduces recurring Expenditure on security by 75%
  • Each pulse acts as an effective security guard
  • Gives instant punishment to the intruder
  • Gates also can be supported with solar barrier
  • As against 8 guards needs only 3 guards per shift
  • Nullifies thefts
  • 35% savings in compound wall cost
  • Customized and aesthetic look
  • Serves the purpose of perimeter protection
  • Automation of gate
  • Each pulse travels all along the fence 45 times per min




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