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Digital Safe

Digital Safe
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Product Description

For the safe is light, you have to make sure that the safe has been fixed to the wall or ground hard.

Note: Fixing the safe to the wall or ground, may affect the structure of your wall or ground. Before fixing, you have to think about the safe of your wall or ground. We will not take charge on this.

6 Change the batteries

Open the door of the safe. Take off the plastic cover inside the door, and install 4 pieces of new AA batteries to the battery case, cover the cover.

Note: The battery should be AA alkaline. Old battery cannot match with new battery together.

7 Use the external battery case
When the battery is low. You can use the external battery case to supply power to the safe. Plug the pin of the external battery case to the jack at the bottom of the control board of the safe.
Note: Please make sure the external battery case has enough power.
8 Performance
Power 4 pieces of AA alkaline batteries
Working humidity -10° C ~ +70° C
Working temperature 20~90 RH
Password capability 10 hundred million
Static consume <20UA
Dynamic consume 150~300MA

9 Accessory
Mechanical key: 2 pieces;
Fixing screw: 2 pieces.


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